Solar Batteries


SOLAR Sealed Maintenance Free range is composed of plates with increased thickness and expanded grid metal with Pb/Ca alloy which assures the excellent resistance against corrosion. PKW types have silver alloy for even higher performance and durability. The micro-porous enveloped separators coupled with glass mat provide low resistance and prevent the shedding of the active material. The active mass and the ingenious plate design ensure positive reaction during the cyclic stress. The batteries are capable to resist to deep and repeated discharge cycles and subsequent charges. SOLAR SMF range follows the EN specification in full compliance with
IEC 60095 / EN 50342 standards.


  • Sealed Maintenance Free semi traction range
  • calcium technology with no maintenance
  • Silver alloy integrated for PKW types
  • Charging – discharging cycle resistance
  • Closed type range with no maintenance
  • Batteries for applications of high demand


  • Trucks heavy duty with high energy requirements
  • Solar photovoltaic panels – Wind energy systems
  • Remote house efficiency - Signaling road lighting
  • Service power systems for ships and yachts
  • Buses – Caravans - Pallet trucks - Taxis
  • Leisure vehicles – Hobby – Lawnmowers