Telecommunication batteries

ADVANTAGES OF OPzS Standby Batteries:
  • Compliant to DIN 40736 and EN 60896-1.
  • Optimised plate design which results to increased capacities over DIN standards dry filled tubular positive plates.
  • Minimum maintenance due to reduced antimony content (=1,6%) and large electrolyte reserve volume.
  • Ideal for cycling applications due to the tubular plate technique.
  • Long service life: up to 15 years in floating applications.
  • Recommended temperature range of operation
  • 10OC to +50OC preferred value 20OC).

  • Available in 2V cells, 6V and 12V monoblocks.
  • Delivery in Dry Charged or Wet Charged condition.
  • Long storage time for cells delivered in Dry Charged condition.
  • Suitable for all standard types of installation.